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Knowledge.  Experience.  Diligence.

These are the traits that separate Potomac Media from other advertising or exhibit sales representative firms.

Since 1995, Potomac Media has provided exceptional sales management services for numerous publications and conferences. We can do the same for you and your publication or conference.


A key component to Potomac Media's successful sales efforts comes from knowing your publication and conference in-depth; your audience, trade or industry, your mission and history, your competitors and how your publication or conference compares with them. We pride ourselves on extensive research. In a short amount of time, we will gain considerable knowledge about your publication and the market you serve. We will inform advertisers and exhibitors about specific elements of your publication or conference, persuading them that your publication or conference is the right medium for them to fulfill their advertising and marketing needs.


Potomac Media specializes in selling advertising and exhibit space at all levels; national, international, regional, consumer and business-to-business. We know the theories and applications of marketing and advertising. We can accurately identify prospective advertisers or exhibitors, immediately understand their marketing needs and how your publication or conference can help them. We take a consultative approach to sales. We work closely with advertisers, advertising agencies, and exhibitors to ensure their experience advertising in your publication or exhibiting at your conference is the best it can be. As a result, advertisers will repeat advertising in your publication and exhibitors will repeat exhibiting at your conference, eventually increasing the size and scope of their advertisements or exhibits; exploring other options with you in the way of sponsorships, reprints, direct mail and ancillary media.


The sale neither begins nor ends with the first phone call, no matter what answer, "yes" or "no," is given by the prospective advertiser or exhibitor. At Potomac Media, our philosophy is to keep in contact with an advertiser or exhibitor, always in a courteous and respectful manner, providing them with further information, opportunities and reasons to advertise in your publication or exhibit at your conference. Through continuous efforts, coupled with our knowledge and experience, we establish credibility with advertisers and exhibitors; we earn their trust. You are the ultimate beneficiary because Potomac Media's diligent efforts will foster long-term relationships between advertisers and exhibitors and your publication or conference.



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